My images are for sale as digital files, prints or canvases, but as the photographer the copyright remains with me. I own each image I capture. It is not permissible to use my images without consent.

Should you choose to use any of my images to advertise an item for sale or to promote your business in any way a commercial rate applies.

The images in the galleries are proofs only, and may not be copied in any way. Do not download, screenshot, crop, print, edit or Instagram these images. All images remain copyright to Cherie Reeves.

Galleries will remain live on the site for 12 months. After that an archival fee of $30 will be added to each order.

Below you will see examples of my watermark. By rolling your mouse across the image you will make the watermark change.

This is the watermark that appears on images on this website. When you purchase an image from me this watermark does not appear.
This watermark appears on images which I post on my facebook page. These images are also protected by copyright, and are not to be downloaded, screenshot, cropped, printed, edited, or posted on Instagram. These images can be purchased via this website. Images for commercial use must be photo credited (Photo: Purple Fairy Imagery - Cherie Reeves), or may include a small watermark as shown when you roll your mouse over the image.
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